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HTML Select Tag Generator Using PHP and MySQL

Complete the below form with general information about the select tag needed. Based on the number of database fields to be used, a second page will be generated to collect details about the fields and how to use them.

Step 1: General Information Gathering

Select Name:
CSS Class:
Table Name:
Database Fields Used:

The 'Database Fields Used' input determines how many fields will be pulled from the database. While just one field can be used to populate the select tag, its possible to use up to three fields: 1 field for the option tag's value, another for what is displayed in the browser, and another to order the option tags.

Above is an example of using 3 different field values for implementing one select tag. Listed are the words for the first 8 natural numbers ("one", "two", etc.), the underlying values are the numbers themselves (1, 2, 3, etc.), and a third field denotes whether the number is prime or not and is used to order the way they are displayed (primes first).

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