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We do web work. Specifically, we take on web programming contract jobs that includes site layout, database integration, calculator creation, web form set up and we integrate a variety functionalities into existing websites. We make your sites more robust in their features and less work for you.
Hello And Welcome To Rainbows Puppies & Sunshine
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This is our sales pitch: information about us, what we do, a listing of projects we have done, and how to contact us.
This site serves two purposes:
  • A repository for the tools, reference materials and code we use for websites.
  • A portfolio, resume and model showroom for potential clients.
If you have a specific functionality you want added to your site let us know, we can consult on the best way to do it, as well as implement it for you.
If you don't have a specific idea in mind, but want to make your site more useful for your users or easy to administer, browse through our site. We would be more than happy to configure and customize anything set up here for you.
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This area is working showroom of the various web based gadgets we have created. Every item is functional and can be customized to work on your site with your data.
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We use this area to speed up web development. Of course if you need to quickly generate some elements of a web site or need to view some web-related reference materials, feel free to use it as well.
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This is where we control the numerous elements of how this site is displayed and set up. Its open to all, so feel free to check it out and look under the hood to see how easy a site can be to administer.
Our Company Gizmos Tools Admin
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